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Marriages in the Newburgh Telegraph Oct. 3, 1831

You never know what you’ll find in the newspapers. I knew my 3rd Great Grandparents William Parkinson Clark, and Charity Kimber married Sept. 17, 1831, in Orange County from an announcement in the Sept. 24, 1831Orange County Patriot, Goshen, New York:

   On the 17th inst by Rev. Mr. Ball   Mr. Parkinson Clark to Miss Charity Kimball, all
   of Minisink
      Source Gertrude A Barber; Orange County Patriot: a newspaper published at Goshen, N.Y., marriages and deaths from May 1828 to Dec. 1831.

You can see Great Grandmother’s surname incorrectly printed as Kimball and Great Grandfather’s middle name, Parkinson, was used rather than his first name.

I recently heard about a free New York newspaper digital collection called HRVH Historical Newspapers. The collection is part of the Hudson River Valley Heritage website at http://news.hrvh.org/  

I searched for the Kimber surname and guess what I found published in the Newburgh Telegraph, Newburgh, NY Oct. 6, 1831, issue.

Marriages published Newburgh Telegraph October 6, 1831

Excerpt from the Newburgh Telegraph, Newburgh, NY
Thursday, October 6, 1831

Yes, the Great Grandparents’ marriage. They were young when they wed; William 18 and Charity 17 years old. On a September Saturday, the Rev. Mr. Henry Ball married them.

Learning the Reverend’s full name, Mr. Henry Ball, helped me identify his church affiliation. Rev. Ball ministered to the Old School Baptist Church at Brookfield in Orange County. (Brookfield would later be known as Slate Hill.)

Now who belonged to the Old School Baptist Church—William P., Charity or both? The Orange County Genealogical Society has some Old School Church logs, minutes, and membership rolls and I can tell you the great grandparents weren’t included.

I can’t say whether Grandfather’s family had connections to the Church as I know little about his origins except for the fact he had a brother, Benjamin B. Clark.

However, Charity’s maternal grandmother, Phebe (Lain) Bennett and her Aunt Sally (Bennett) Kimber were Old School Baptist members in 1815 and 1816. Her paternal Step-Grandmother, Charity (Loree) Aber Kimber, was also a subscriber. I imagine my Great Grandmother Charity belonged to the Church too. Later in life, she would join both the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches.

Someday I hope to find William Parkinson Clark’s parents and learn what church they attended. If you can help, please contact me. By the way, who is Jane Kimber that married Alanson Decker the same day?

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