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Staunton Light Infantry in 1840

Recently I posted David McFall Born and Reared in Augusta, Virginia describing my 3rd Great Grandfather David McFall’s July 4th, 1849 celebration. Captain McFall and the Mt. Solon Artillery led the day’s parade accompanied by the Mt. Crawford band.  

Nine years before, Great Grandfather served as a private with the Staunton Light Infantry. The Staunton Spectator’s article “Staunton Light Infantry 63 Years Ago” dated Friday, March 6, 1903, published a muster roll of the unit. It was discovered 63 years after the event by the proud Spectator Staff. 

Private David McFall was soldiering and the same year teaching school. See Captain David McFall’s Teaching Days.

Take a look and see if you can find your Augusta County, Virginia men among the Staunton Light Infantry comrades.

A transcription of the article follows the image. 

Staunton Spectator & Vindicator,  Staunton, Virginia  Friday, March 6, 1903
Staunton Spectator & Vindicator,
Staunton, Virginia
Friday, March 6, 1903


Staunton Spectator & Vindicator, Staunton, Virginia
Friday, March 6, 1903

Staunton Light Infantry 63 Years Ago.

   We have found among the papers of the first editor of the SPECTATOR the roll of the Staunton Light Infantry, bearing date January 1840 Kenton Harper, captain. It is interesting to see how many of the young men of 63 years ago from Staunton, were, 21 years afterwards, brave soldiers in the war between the States or distinguished in political and civil life subsequently. On this roll some of the old men of today will recognize their fathers, others their grandfathers, and other relatives. It is curious to note in the military companies then there were in each, two 1st lieutenants and two 2d lieutenants. The roll of officers for 1841, also before us, shows that M. G. Harman had been promoted from the ranks to 3d sergeant. Our esteemed fellow townsman, Mr. Harman J. Lushbaugh, is the only surviving member of the company, so far as we are aware of.
   Kenton Harper, capt.; Matthew Blare, 1st lieut.; John H. Ast, 1st lieut.; Murrill Cushing, 2d lieut.; Robert W. Stevenson, 2d lieut.; John Carroll, 1st sgt.; Wm. Peters, 2d sgt.; Nicholas K. Trout, 3d sgt.; Charles T. Cameron, 4th sgt.; Alex McD Cowan, 5th sgt.; John B. Baldwin, 1st cor.; Robt. G. Bickle, 2nd cor.; Jas. Landridge, 3rd cor.; Elijah Calvert, 4th cor.; Jacob K. Stribling, 5th cor.; John D. Stevenson, 6th cor.  Privates—James F. Patterson, Nathaniel B. Long, Judson McCoy, Robt. H. Kinney, Matthew McKever, Wm. Carroll, Wm. B. Johnson, Wm. Crawford, Wm. G. Sterrett, Wm. Chambers, John Dudley, Henry Bare, John Crawford, Jas. A. Forbes, Sam’l E. Clarke, Henry Taylor, Jacob N. Rhoads, Benj F. Points, John Grandstaff, John T. Arnall, David McFall, Daniel Fishburn, James Bickle, David J. Fox, John Trayer, Jacob Sheets, John Harman, Archibald Davis, A. D. Wrenn, Samuel Laughlin, Geo. W. Fuller, Francis Huff, Wm. P. Hall, Warwick W. Hamner, Elisha Curry, Jas. S. Graham, Harman J. Lushbaugh, Vincent T. Cooper, Samuel C. Charlton, Wm. Blackburn, Wm. W. Murry, Magness W. Stribling, H. Jouett Harrow, Thomas Eskridge, John K. Moore, Thos. W. Murry, Michael G. Harman, Wm. Martin, John Forbes, Robert Eskridge, John Fisher Jr., Jacob Long, Addison Fleisher, Hugh W. Sheffey, Osburn Welling, Andrew Robertson, Augustus Garber, Chesley Kinney, F. T. Geiger, James Forbes, John B. Watt, Jessy Forbes, Sohn S. Smith, John Donaho, Wm. Fuller.  Musicians Wm. Suthers, Valentine Teoffer.

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