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Sympathy Saturday: Grandmother Harriet died Visiting Granddaughter

2nd Great Grandmother Harriet (Ogden) Clark passed Dec. 19, 1912 while visiting my grandmother, Viola Lillian Wilson, in Hartford, Connecticut. Harriet had been living with her daughter, Lillian (Clark) Hewitt, in Middletown, Orange County, New York after her husband Jeremiah B. Clark died in 1908.

Grace Lee (Clark) Wilson was Harriet’s youngest child as well as Viola and Ella’s mother. Grace died in 1904 leaving behind two small daughters. Aunt Lillie reared Ella and Grandmother Harriet took care of Viola since their father, Jerome W. Wilson, wasn’t in a position to care for them. Viola contracted polio which was a very serious disease in those days. Many children were disfigured or paralyzed after having polio. By this time Jerome had married again to Belle Cosgrove. Jerome and Belle were afraid it would too difficult for Harriet to nurse her so they took Viola home with them to Hartford. My mother told me Grandmother Harriet adored Viola. It must have been hard for her when Jerome and Belle left with Viola. Polio left its mark on my grandmother. She walked with a slight limp and one leg was slightly thinner than the other.

From left to right
Viola and Ella Wilson on the sidewalk
Grandmother Harriet (Ogden) Clark and Aunt Lillie near steps
Aunt Lillie Hewitt is wearing dust cap at her home
24 Grand Avenue, Middletown, NY
May 15, 1911

Certainly the only reason Harriet was in Connecticut would be to visit my grandmother. Grandmother Harriet’s death certificate states she died in Jerome and Belle’s home at 112 Oak Street. It’s good to know Great Grandfather Jerome and Belle welcomed his 1st wife’s mother in their home. Harriet suffered from heart disease and this was the primary cause of her death with angina pectoris a secondary cause.

Harriet Ogden Clark’s death certificate
Issued Hartford, Connecticut
Front and Back

NOTE:  Harriet (Ogden) Clark wasn’t born in Westtown as stated on death certificate. Her residence was Middletown, New York—not Middletown, Connecticut.

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