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Sibling Saturday: The Clark Siblings, Goshen, New York

Grace is my great grandmother born July 2, 1875 to Jeremiah B. Clark and Harriet Cornelius Ogden in Orange County, New York. She was the youngest child and is seated on the floor in the picture below on the right. Grace married Jerome W. Wilson and they had two daughters, Ella Mae and Viola Lillian.

Photograph from Personal Collection

Beginning at left
Top row Minnie, Harriet, Jeremiah and Frank
Middle row Fannie, David and Amos
Bottom row Lillie and Grace

Seated on the floor next to her is Lillian Mae Clark born 1873. Aunt Lillie married George B. Hewitt and lived in Middletown, New York with their daughter Nellie Mae.

The girl on the left in the middle row is the oldest sibling—Frances E. Clark born 1865 in Denton, Orange County, New York. Aunt Fannie married Dell Knapp and made her home in Goshen. Their children were Edith M., Pearl A., Frank B., Hattie C., Elmeda and Ada Clark Knapp.

The man next to Aunt Fannie in the middle row is Uncle David Pullis Clark born 1865. He married Ada Dolson New Year’s Day 1889. They raised their children (Nettie, Jeremiah Benjamin, Charles Wilcox, Woodford Pitts and Blanche Elizabeth) in Goshen. Uncle Dave was a police officer in Goshen and briefly ran his father’s meat market.

The young man to the left of Uncle Dave is one of the twins--Amos Ryerson Clark born 1871. His twin, Franklin Emerson, is standing behind him. Uncle Amos married Irene Francis Carpenter. They lived in Goshen for a time and later at Middletown. Uncle Amos worked for the Ontario and Western Railroad for over twenty years. His sons were David H. and George H. Clark.

Beginning on the left in the top row is Minnie I. Clark born 1868. Minnie married Eugene A. Fitzgerald in 1887. They lived in Goshen where their four children were born—Laura Isabel, Percy, Cora and Clara. Minnie died August 15, 1895 so I know this photograph was taken by this date.

Parents Harriet and Jeremiah are between Minnie and twin Franklin Emerson Clark in the top row. Uncle Frank married three times but only had one child by his first wife, Fanny Smith. That child was a daughter, Ethel Mae born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1893. Uncle Frank resided in Paterson but later made his home in Middletown, New York. He was employed as an undertaker in Paterson. In Middletown Uncle Frank worked as a butcher and also had his own meat market.

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My lineage: Myself, My Mother, My Grandmother Viola Lillian Wilson and my Great Grandmother Grace Lee (Clark) Wilson.

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